Robotic Competition in Sweden

With this project, I had the opportunity to go to Sweden to take part in a Robotic competition. During this, I had to use Artificial Intelligence, write code using Python, be efficient with terminal commands, construct 3 robots, and trial and error ideas to identify key characteristics the robots would need to win.

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The following link is an article that was created in regards to this showing us winning the competition:

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Team Game Project on Unity

This is a team project I have been involved in. We created a multiplayer game and promoted it using a custom website to allow users to communicate. This project included features like a turn-based game, multiplayer system, customized maps, a scoreboard, and a chat system within the website.

This project included the following:

- Turn based game

- Multiplayer system

- Code to construct the game

- Multiple player options to choose from

- Customized maps that create a different experience

- Scoreboard

- Chat system within the website

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The code to the game can be found on my GitHub at the top of the page.

The following link is to the website that showcases the game:

Python Projects

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Project 1: YouTube Video Downloader

- Convenient way to download videos using code
- Run the video through the script of code to download it
- Can generate the thumbnails used from the YouTube video
- Retrieve stats and information regarding the YouTube Video

Project 2: PDF File Merger

- Allows the merging of PDF files
- Runs the files through a script of code to compile them in one space.
- Stores all the PDF files that are required in one space
- Saves time from flickering through different files
- Easy to access and group files.

Project 3: Image Collage

- Groups images together to create a collage of the images as one image
- Convenient way to view images relating to a similar matter
- Can be used to produce creative art
- Can produce the same collage required to create different images.

Project 4: Image Editor

- Acts as a Photoshop replacement to produce the same edits needed over time
- Used to run images through a piece of code to acquire the same result consistently
- Filters the image to produce a more creative product
- Code can be altered to achieve different edits.

Project 5: Image Background remover

- Removes the background of images to acquire a more desired image - Can help simplify the image for a more cleaner look - Helps stop the continuous search for an image with a different background.

The code for the listed projects is presented on my GitHub page using the following link:
Java Projects

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Project 1: Bouncing Ball Simulation

- Generates two balls placed on the screen and would detect the collision between the balls
- One ball would be moving and one would be stationary
- Once the collision has been detected, the stationary ball would change position
- Code uses functions and conditions to set the speed of the ball and check for a collision

Project 2: Car Racing Game

- Starts the game with a click of a button
- Cars would race against each other to see which one would get past the line first
- Could lead to any result due to the random speeds
- Uses classes to create a racetrack and the cars
- Due to classes being used, can simulate more cars within the race.

Project 3: Button Clicks Simulation

- Four buttons are created within an application to lead to different displays
- Tests how buttons work within Java
- Simple User Interface is created with code to see how a user can interact with buttons
- Styles are used to showcase each button differently and make it more user friendly
- Objects are used to reference the classes.

Project 4: Key Pressing App Simulating Traffic Lights

- Enables button pressing to change the state of the button
- The colors red and green are used to simulate the stop and go
- Allows for user interaction
- Functions have been used to identify the mouse pressed and the to set the styles on each button click.

Project 5: Random Pyramid Game

- Creates a pyramid from lines of cubes
- Each button click creates a new line of the pyramid
- After the complete picture is created, a new pyramid can be generated
- Each complete picture would have a new random color assigned to it.

The code for the listed projects is presented on my GitHub page using the following link:

Cube Collision Game using Unity

This is the first game I created using Unity. I followed steps to create levels within the game to create a progression system. The coding for this game has been done using C# on VSCode.

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Air Hockey Game using Unity

This is a game that has been created using 2D Unity with code that has been written in C#. It contains features like Artificial Intelligence, a scoreboard, competition, UI system, and game physics.

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It contains the following:
- Artificial Intelligence
- Scoreboard
- Competition
- UI System
- Game physics

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